Kodály Conservatory is a conservatory in Chalandri, internationally recognized as one of the best conservatories in Athens and one of the most important music schools in the country.

It was founded in 1989 by its director, Michalis Patseas. It proudly bears the name of the great Hungarian composer and educator Zoltán Kodály. Specialized music educators and famous soloists form his teaching faculty.

We collaborate with the Hungarian Kodály Institute and the Ferenc Liszt Academy in Budapest, and we are one of the few conservatories with rich tradition in the School of Choir Conducting.

Our Conservatory offers:

  • Classes of classical and contemporary instrumental music, vocal music, music theory and old music IN ENGLISH and other languages.
  • Tutors specialized in music for young children and programs designed based on the Kodály Music Education System.
  • Courses that combine music with special education, as well as Music Therapy.
  • Degrees and Diplomas in all musical specialties, fully recognized by the state
  • Vocational Training in the Kodály Music Education System.
  • Special equipment for access to people with mobility difficulties.
  • Excellent musical instruments, a concert hall, spacious halls for conducting ensembles, and safe spaces for the lessons of our young students.

Kodály Conservatory is housed in a privately owned building, in an elegant space designed for a music school. We promote cooperation and socializing through music: the Kodály Conservatory Children’s Choir, the Kodály Conservatory Mixed Choir, the Kodály Conservatory Student Orchestra and many chamber music ensembles.

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Greek Kodály Conservatory and Institute
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